If you are not a fashion and clothes lover, you will never be a style expert

Luckily there is now a way that even you can learn to become one. Whether it is reading fashion magazines or buying new clothes, your interests and knowledge can be used to generate content for the industry

This section would go in three parts:

The UK is booming. This year, the UK will be one of the hottest fashion destinations in the world and it’s easy to see why. Its relaxing: people don’t work outside all day, there are great beaches to swim on, foodie culture and very exciting nightlife.

The British Fashion Industry has a huge impact on the lives of others – individuals, brands or organisations. It is responsible for creating some of the most sought after fashion trends and inspiring countless others as well. As one iconic brand aims to better itself in this new era by becoming even more diverse with each passing season, we look at how fashion works from both a cultural and technical perspective.

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